Colorstripes Starburst

Colorstripes Starburst

110" x 110", 2007 by Jan Krentz with Lynne Lichtenstern, Poway, CA. Machine quilting by Debra Geissler, Littleton, CO. I worked with a wonderful palette of Michael James' Colorstripes printed fabrics.

This pattern is featured in Quick Star Quilts & Beyond, and a lovely detail image of Debra's quilting is featured on the inside title page! The quilt is deliberately colorshaded - the bottom half is darker in value than the top. It is a HUGE bed-sized quilt.


The fabric was available (roughly) in 2005-06. Remember, if you cannot find these prints any longer, use what you own and purchase something that makes you happy!

another color idea: I would love to do this one in batiks! (click drawing to see a larger image)



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