Tea Time Lone Star Quilt

Tea Time Lone Star Quilt

Get out the good china, and set a pretty table! It's Tea Time, a charming Lone Star design, featuring appliquéd tea pots sitting primly upon their doilies, reminiscent of peaceful afternoons entertaining friends.

The class will cover strip cutting & piecing, creating "designer diamonds", angled cutting, precision piecing tips, blocking diamond shapes, working with bias, setting-in corners, appliqué techniques, stencil cutting and painting, embroidery, and quilting tips guaranteed to challenge and enrich your quilting skills!

Feel free to use the basic design and change the fabrics. Incorporate YOUR favorite fabrics and colors, replacing the yellow, blue and white fabrics Jan has specified with alternates of your own. Each lovely teapot features a gorgeous fabric from your collection.

Double Cappuccino Lone Star
Dragonfly Pond Lone Star
Remembrance Feathered Lone Star
Safari Lone Star
Spiral Lone Star
Summer Salsa Lone Star
Tea Time Lone Star
Violets and Ivy Lone Star


Teacher of the year 1998