Workshop Fabric Ideas

Quick Faux Diamonds

Quick Faux Diamonds

Suggestions for successful stripe purchases. Although you will not find the exact fabrics in the photos for sale today, use this as a guide. Search for & purchase stripes with interesting variables – wide and narrow bands of color. Pattern is fun, too! 

Multi-colored stripe (pinks, blue, white, tan) seen in Jan’s original quilt 


A  faux diamond example from the stripe (left) – the stripes are cut in a random fashion.

Ice cream & dessert theme – printed stripe fabric

Detail, faux diamonds from the ice cream stripe.

Quick Faux Diamonds Ice Cream quilt

Two coordinating prints were added for design interest – the stripes were carefully cut to match the pattern from unit to unit. I think this will become a favorite "kid's quilt" - it has soft fluffy velour backing fabric.

wild, colorful stripe - sections are approximately 4" wide


Several units cut from the Mardi Gras stripe fabric, laid side-by-side with pattern alternating to form design.

Design layout option for Faux Diamond quilt

Remember, its the FABRIC that makes the quilt, not the complexity of the pieced design!!

 Faux Diamonds quilt - design layout

Adjust the size and layout of your quilt as desired.


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